Holistic Health Solutions

Cultivating the Future of Healthcare

The hemp & cannabidiol (CBD) industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets, set to have a massive impact on lifestyles, wellness and healthcare. At Swiss Life Sciences Group, our primary goal is to make a difference by advancing the research, development and production of these natural, life-changing materials.


Investing to Make a Difference

We have been researching and carrying out due diligence across all aspects of the industry for several years, building our team of experts and advisors and identifying the opportunities and risks in this fast-moving and developing marketplace. Our focus is on the areas that we believe represent maximum growth and potential.


Leading the Way

At SLSG, we’re bringing a new experience to CBD users. Partnering with experts in cannabinoids and healthcare, we’re cultivating high-quality brands, along with products sold through retail outlets – perhaps yours. That way, we can offer a hands-on CBD experience to customers.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has become a beacon in the healthcare and consumer industry. To be clear, CBD is not the same as THC – THC is the compound in cannabis that produces the well-known psychoactive effects. While SLSG brands and products contain CBD in various forms, the THC part is always in the zero-to-low range permitted by law. Indeed, the variety of wellness and skincare products we offer can ease anxiety and stress, provide pain relief and also improve sleep.

Our Facilities

World-Class Facilities
in the Heart of Switzerland

SLSG retains complete control over the entire production process. Our whole supply chain is vertically integrated to guarantee the highest quality products: from the seeds germinating in our growing facilities, through extraction and purification, production manufacturing and on-site laboratory testing, to CBD product distribution.

Indoor growing centres are strategically located in Switzerland, a leader in the cannabinoid industry and its economy in the heart of the European continent. We have teamed up with botanical scientists to nurture and manufacture the highest quality raw materials and products in the market by using the latest and most advanced cultivation methods and technologies, future-proofing our business.

SLSG in Action

SLSG is dedicated to producing the highest quality, organic CBD and cannabis raw materials and products available on the market today.

Once we reach maximum operational capacity, we will be one of the largest, vertically integrated CBD manufacturers in the market. We’d love to help you grow your business, too.